I'll be doing your work

Before computer software, I worked in the Electrical and Electronics department for a little over 10 years and I am still good at it. I have incorporated few UK companies only to find out that starting or launching a company required a lot of money. Ever heard of “launch your company with zero dollars/pound”? Yeah right!

My name is Daveyon Mayne, born and raised in Jamaica until the age of 24. I have a masters degree in electronics, loves to read and solve puzzles that gets me to swear. Am I the only one that solves a problem in the early mornings or when you are talking with friends? I am a little on the stammer side of things and would rather sing. One of my friends (stammer) came to my house and sang my name, saying Daveyon was too difficult for him. I would rather sing the word "Digital" — do not ask! Cooking for my two kids is what I do best more than anything. Friday: Food purchased, Saturday: Soup, Sunday: Chicken/Fish with Seasoned Rice and Peas. Monday/Tuesday I normally eat left overs from Sunday. Wednesday - Thursday: Anything goes from chip shop to boiled hard foods.

Hardware support was becoming less economic to repair so I needed another career. My next adventure was to become a web developer. I went on Amazon and bought my first programming book: Beginning Ruby From Novice to Professional second edition. Spent few early mornings reading until I started creating websites that were already around: taskrabbit.com, freelancer.com, elance.com — just to name a few. Depression hits because what I wanted to build was already built.

During high school, one of my favourite subjects was Accounting. While I was self-employed, I did my own accounting using xero.com. This led me to connect Xero my "once online store", iMayne Robotics, so that I need not to manually create and send invoices, or mark items paid. My preferred programming languages are Swift and Ruby; comfortable with PHP and JavaScript.

I will eventually relaunch my robotic store 😉


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Why work with me?

I am a customer myself so I understand the challenges and the continued support that comes with a bespoke app, a product or website. I, Mayne Web, provide continued support before and after I have crafted your website, or web app, ensuring I live up to my promise of providing support and services that last. After all, I am the Mayne in Mayne Web.