Privacy Policy

Last updated: 27 February, 2024

Within this policy, we delineate: the nature of data collected and its purpose; the protocols governing the handling of your data; and your entitlements concerning your data. It is imperative to note that we never engage in the sale of your data.

This policy is applicable to all products developed and upheld by MayneWeb, encompassing ektarOS (FarmSwop) (in all iterations), Clipity, collectively referred to as "MayneWeb".

This policy governs our treatment of information concerning site visitors, potential customers, and customers and authorized users in relation to their acquisition of services and management of their association with MayneWeb. Throughout this policy, we collectively refer to these groups as "you."

However, it's important to note that this policy does not encompass information regarding a customer's end users that MayneWeb acquires from a customer or otherwise handles on their behalf, in association with the services rendered by MayneWeb to the customer pursuant to an applicable services agreement (including the content of messages of customer end users, referred to as "End User Communications"). MayneWeb manages End User Communications according to the instructions provided by the relevant customer, who serves as the "data controller" or "business" (or holds a similar role as defined in applicable privacy laws), as outlined in the pertinent services agreement between said customer and MayneWeb. The obligations of MayneWeb as a "data processor" or "service provider" concerning such information are defined within the terms of the services agreement and applicable data protection addendum, and are distinct from the provisions of this policy.

If you are an end user of a customer and have inquiries regarding the collection and processing of your information through the services, kindly reach out to the organization that has supplied your information to us for further clarification.

Data collection practices

At the core of our approach is the principle of gathering only essential information. Here's how we put that into action:

User identity and access control

Upon registering for a MayneWeb product, we request identifying details such as your name, email address, and possibly a company name. This facilitates personalization of your account and enables us to disseminate product updates and other pertinent information. Periodically, we may also administer optional surveys to gain insight into your product usage and to enhance our services. With your consent, you may receive our newsletter and additional updates. Additionally, we may offer the option to upload a profile picture for display within our products.

We never sell it to third parties or use your name or company in marketing without your permission.

Billing information

When subscribing to a paid MayneWeb product, you'll need to input your payment details and billing address. Credit card information goes straight to our payment processor and isn't stored on MayneWeb servers. We retain a transaction record, including the last 4 digits of your credit card number, for account history, invoicing, and billing assistance. Your billing address is kept for charging purposes, calculating sales tax, sending invoices, and identifying fraudulent transactions. We may use summarized billing data to inform our marketing strategies.

Website interactions

We gather data on your browsing behavior for analytical and statistical objectives, like conversion rate testing and exploring new product designs. This encompasses details such as your browser and operating system versions, IP address, visited web pages, load times, and referring websites. If you're signed in, this web analytics data is linked to your IP address and user account until your account becomes inactive. Further information on the web analytics we employ is detailed in the Advertising and Cookies section.

Advertising and Cookies

At times, MayneWeb places advertisements on various third-party platforms like Google. Users clicking on these ads will be directed to the ektarOS (FarmSwop) marketing site. Subject to legal permissions, we may utilize ad-company scripts on their browsers to set third-party cookies and provide information to the ad network for assessing ad effectiveness, such as which ad they clicked, triggering keywords, and user actions like button clicks or form submissions.

Additionally, we employ persistent first-party cookies along with some third-party cookies to store specific preferences, streamline application usage, conduct A/B testing, and support certain analytics.

Cookies are small text pieces stored by your browser, aiding in remembering login details, site preferences, and collecting data like browser type, operating system, visited pages, session duration, viewed content, and click-stream data. You can manage cookie retention and choose to accept or block individual cookies in your browser settings. However, disabling cookies may impede app functionality and affect service usability.

Interactions with our products

We retain the content you upload, receive, or maintain in your MayneWeb product accounts on our servers. This ensures seamless utilization of our products, such as creating farms in ektarOS (FarmSwop) or using any other paid product we may have. Your content remains accessible as long as your account is active. Upon account deletion, we will remove the content within 60 days.

General Geolocation data

In the case of most of our products, we log the complete IP address utilized during the signup process for an account and maintain it to counteract potential spammy signups in the future. Additionally, we log all account accesses by full IP address for security and fraud prevention measures, retaining this login data for the duration of your product account's activity.

Changes and questions

We may update this policy as needed to comply with relevant regulations and reflect any new practices.